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2 April 2020

Broadband Infraco and Paypoint collaborate to speed up cashless transactions in communities

Johannesburg – In an effort to step up the fight against Covid-19, Broadband Infraco has partnered with Paypoint on a strategic alliance to bring cashless money services to rural and disadvantaged communities.

Andrew Matseke, Chief Executive Officer for Broadband Infraco said the partnership will enable for the deployment of payment platforms in rural communities and will help with in dispensing and transacting money without using physical cash to hand.

As the lead agent for the deployment of SA Connect, Broadband Infraco will leverage on its infrastructure and backbone capability already deployed into the rural areas. On the other side, Paypoint will make use of its platforms as well as mini ATM devices in order to drive cashless money services in rural communities.

In addition, the partnership between Broadband Infraco and Paypoint will immediately make available services and technology in order to enable Debit and Credit Card Payments, SSD-ATM, Pre-Payment, which are also instrumental for Grant payments as well as Spaza shop transactions.

Matseke said: “At BBI, we take pride of our social mandate and continuously look for ways where we can use Technology to improve the lives of our citizens. We are concerned about the spread of this pandemic and we believe this partnership will help to contain the movement of rural citizens who have to travel long distances in order to access cash. It also supports the Governments call for citizens to shop for goods from their nearest spaza shops. We are privileged to be able to contribute to this solution which we believe will help to significantly contain the spread of new infections.”

Paypoint Solutions Chief Executive Officer said: This is really a crucial partnership as it reaches to the disadvantaged communities and actively introduces solutions for activating the rural economy. We could not have chosen a better partner as we have known the importance of Broadband Infraco in providing connectivity to the rural communities. This speaks directly to our proposition as we are dependent on solid and cost-effective infrastructure for our deployments.


Issued by: On Point Enterprises


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