Huawei this week launched Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core 5.0 for global developers on the official Huawei Developer website. HMS Core 5.0 introduces services in seven main areas including App Services, Graphics, Media, AI, Smart Device, Security, and System for developers to make the most of Huawei’s “chip-device-cloud” capabilities. 

HMS Core, integrated with Huawei’s chip-device-cloud capabilities, provides core mobile services for developers. When HMS Core 4.0 was launched back on 15 January 2020, it not only improved existing HMS Core services such as the Push Kit and In-App Purchases, but also introduced new services including the Map Kit, Machine Learning (ML) Kit, Scan Kit, WisePlay DRM, and more. With HMS Core 5.0, more than 20 additional capabilities – such as Graphics and Media – offer upgrades to current services to meet the growing and diverse needs of developers worldwide. 

Huawei is committed to an open collaboration – HMS Core 4.0 has already established diverse open capabilities ranging from AI to security, to give developers and consumers more choices and a better experience. With a strong focus on the developer community, HMS Core 5.0 takes it one step further to offer global developers an expanded array of hardware, software, and cloud capabilities. The HMS ecosystem is now more complete than ever with the launch of HMS Core 5.0. Developers are now further empowered with tools to better innovate and streamline development processes, ultimately providing consumers with a next-level all-scenario smart device experience. 

From a graphics perspective, aside from Game Services, HMS Core 5.0 introduces Computer Graphics (CG) Kit, Accelerate Kit, Scene Kit, AR Engine, and more. 

–          AR Engine offers a wide range of AR-related capabilities such as motion, environment, human body and face tracking, giving developers the means to easily create an all-new interactive and immersive AR experience.

–          Computer Graphics Kit helps accelerate the adoption of CG in apps by offering developers cutting edge tools to integrate CG into their software. Developers may utilise the Kit to express their creativity the same way as creatives in the film and gaming industry do. For example, the Huawei-optimised PBR algorithms as part of the Computer Graphics Kit enable developers to integrate physics effects as seen in mobile games into 3D apps.

–          Accelerate Kit provides developers with multi-core, multi-threading solutions to help developers optimise app performance. For more demanding apps such as games that require geometry or CG rendering, the Accelerate Kit can ease the app development process and make apps run more efficiently. 

Several upgrades have also been made to App Services. Scan Kit now incorporates deep learning-based scanning codes to improve scanning accuracy in more challenging situations with higher response speeds. The Map Kit adds bus and subway route planning to help developers improve the functionality of their apps. 

To facilitate a smoother and more efficient integration of the HMS Core, Huawei also provides developers with various development tools needed to create apps that are popular with the users at low cost. For example, HMS Core Toolkit provides creation, coding, debugging, and testing services while Reality Studio offers complete scene editing and animations support. 

Since the launch of HMS Core 4.0, the HMS ecosystem has grown strength to strength on a global scale. As of March 2020, Huawei’s global monthly active users has reached 650 million, a year-on-year increase of 25 percent. Additionally, there are 1.4 million registered developers worldwide, a 115 percent growth over the last year. The number of HMS Core apps has also exceeded 60,000 globally, demonstrating 67 percent year-on-year growth. 

The launch of new HMS Core 5.0 services promotes innovation in gaming, multimedia entertainment, eCommerce, social media app development, enriching the all-scenario experience. While the HMS ecosystem is steadily growing, Huawei will continue to share its core service capabilities to provide localised and tailored operational support to developers all around the world, and will continue to work with developers as they create new and exciting apps for consumers.

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