Parenting under Lockdown restrictions has been somewhat of a logistical challenge. Moms and Dads have an enormous juggling act as they are working from home while handling childcare duties, which include amongst other things, education and entertainment.

As children develop, they need to be stimulated and guided in addition to all the love provided by parents. In instances where parents are inundated with work/life balance encounters, technology can be very helpful in easing the load with their ‘bundles of joys’. Nowadays, watching video content or motion pictures on devices has become a widely used method by parents to keep children preoccupied with learning or entertainment.

HUAWEI device users don’t have to look any further than their HUAWEI Video app in order to enjoy streaming video on-demand (VOD) kiddies’ content that is free and world class. All that is required to access the content is to register your HUAWEI ID. Once this is done, you may view all preferred videos for your little one.

The HUAWEI Video app offers free and paid for kids’ content across various genres for children of different ages. It is available on all HUAWEI devices with EMUI 8.0, and comes preinstalled on EMUI 9.0 devices and above. The free videos also vary in length. For example, short video clips are up to two minutes long while series shows can be as long as 20 minutes per episode.

The technology giant has made things easier and more convenient for its customers to cope with day to day life demands. For a better understanding of what is available on HUAWEI Video kids’ section, visit:

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