Liquid Telecom SA has changed its name to Liquid Intelligent Technologies, which it says re-positions the company on the market.

According to the company it embarked on a journey to adapt its operating model since 2018 when it began the transition towards becoming Africa’s leading digital services provider.

With the transition, the company says, it is now offering new products and solutions in addition to connectivity offering.

Following this transition, Liquid Telecom says it has grown to become an industry leader, “building Africa’s best network and providing the open access network that has resulted in 5G being available throughout the country.”

Liquid adds: “As such, the company needs to develop people and improve organisational maturity that will enable us to operate in our intelligent technology business to generate immediate and sustainable value to our current and future shareholders and exceed our customer expectations to be more competitive in our industry.”

It says its structures, skills and capabilities need to be rapidly developed and augmented to effectively meet the customer expectations.

“Through this transition period, Liquid Telecom remains committed to building Africa’s digital future and collaborating with our customers to connect, innovate and grow throughout their entire digitisation journey,” says Liquid.

Further, it says throughout 2020, Liquid Telecom has reaffirmed its position as a company committed to advancing the digital future of South Africa.

“The acquisition of the Samrand data centre and the ability to quickly adapt as COVID-19 required innovation in work from home capabilities, have shown that Liquid Telecom is in the position to reshape the South African technology industry, and to fully realise its market position as a digital service provider of choice for businesses locally,” Liquid explains.

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