Another South African financial services company has become a cyber-attack victim. Lombard Insurance Company has admitted to its systems being breached, but details on how customers have been affected are still sketchy.

Customers have been warned that their personal details could have been compromised, but so far there is no clarity on what information has been exposed, or of how many customers.

The attack was first made public on 17 July, when Lombard Insurance alerted stakeholders that unknown criminals had accessed some of the organisation’s systems and data.

“We have continued to restore and secure the integrity of our systems and data,” the company states in its most recent message to customers, on 24 August.

“Our internal team, in conjunction with independent ICT and forensic experts, are working to determine and verify how and which system/s and data has been accessed by cyber-criminals, and if any data has been copied and pulled off our system/s.”

The company urges customers to take additional precautions, and to be wary of any emails, telephone calls, Whatsapps or SMSs that could be from fraudsters posing as trusted authorities.

“Lombard sincerely regrets, and we apologise, that this criminal act may have resulted in unauthorised access to data relating to you,” it says in the mail to customers.

“We take the safety and security of our clients’, brokers’ and staff’s data extremely seriously and continue to take the necessary steps to protect and secure it against any future attacks.”

Further comment was unavailable from the organisation, with a spokesman citing the sensitivity of ongoing investigations.

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