Mickey shares a few tips on how to be super productive when working from home.

How can you tackle the unique challenges that come with working in the comfort of your own home, whilst ensuring you’re as productive as possible?  

I myself, am a seasoned remote worker, and tend to work from home on some days like Mondays.

At the present time, the challenge of ensuring high levels of productivity when working remotely is a very real one for many around the world, regardless of role or, indeed, the size of the business they work in. Hopefully, however, many have managed to crack the code, and are reaping the rewards, which I will be exploring in this write up.

Few points to maintain your productivity when working from home, or remotely

With home working seemingly trending, at least for the foreseeable future, working productively from remotely is a skill that most of us must master. I’ve put together some points to help you become super productive.

  • Establish a productive work routine at home

For many home workers, the lack of a structured 9-5 working day can lead to issues with motivation and even over-working, while struggling to set boundaries between work and home life. It is all too easy to start working early, thus adding an extra couple of hours onto your working day. Likewise, there is no one to raise an eyebrow if you sleep through your alarm and log into your computer a few minutes late.

Remote workers also miss out on the in-built structure that breaks up the working day from the commute, to the coffee breaks, to taking lunch and scheduled meetings. So, here are a few ways you can instate a routine to your day when working from home, and boost your productivity in the process:

  • Whilst you don’t have to mirror the daily routine of an office in your own home, boundaries are essential. Prepare for the day by dressing professionally every morning, then jot down the key tasks that need to be achieved that day so that you can focus your mind and prioritise your workload. You will also experience a sense of achievement and motivation each time you’re able to tick a task off your list.
  • Replace your morning and evening commute with a short walk that allows you to focus your mind on the day ahead. Studies have found that taking short walking breaks outside can aid productivity and reduce the impact of stress. Meditation can also help to focus your mind and block out all distractions in the room to enable you to focus.
  • Buffer’s State of Remote Work 2019 report found that 22% of remote workers struggle to unplug. So, always ensure that you start and finish your working day at approximately the same time and try to schedule your breaks for the same time each day. Being proactive in maintaining a good work-life balance, even when you are working in the same place you’re living, is crucial to maintaining your productivity.

Of course, everyone is different, and all home workers will ultimately follow their own version of this routine. As you spend more time working from home, try to be aware of the specific things that you find distracting or that negatively impact your ability to focus and be productive. For instance, if your energy tends to drop in the mid-afternoon, keep some healthy snacks by your desk or plan a short walk for this time. You will soon figure out a system that works as well as, or even better for you than your office routine.

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