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9th October 2019

SA Connect is instrumental to NHI

Johannesburg – In support of the National Health Insurance (NHI) pilot clinic launched by President Cyril Ramaphosa in Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape a few weeks ago, Broadband Infraco has collaborated by providing connectivity for ease of access of health care communication services for the people.

NHI is a health care financing system that is designed to pool funds to actively purchase and provide access to quality, affordable personal healthcare services for all South Africans based on their health needs, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.

Through the NHI clinic pilot project, Broadband Infraco is exercising and delivering on its social mandate of implementing strategic Broadband Projects of national importance for the people and disadvantaged communities.

In fact, Dyani says Broadand Infraco is proud to be part of this milestone initiative because access to quality health for our citizens is a social right and will help to improve the life expectancy of the people of our nation and we strive to ensure that Technology plays a crucial role in enabling this for all. “The value that the clinic will bring into the community is immeasurable and speaks to the core of what we stand for.”

According to the NHI White Paper of 2017, inefficiencies in the Health system are as a result of pharmaceutical supply chain, annual inventory procurement costs, medicine stock-outs, trade deficits on unaccounted stock, and expired medication are common. Lack of human and electronic inventory management systems and replenishment cycles, data and statistical acquisition, as well as poor monitoring of hospital support services such as, security, laundry and catering services contribute to these high costs.

Dyani says: “The NHI seeks to redress these challenges by making available quality health services to even the rural communities. Currently, Dyani says approximately 18% of South African citizens can afford Medical Aid, leading the rest of the population to depend on the public system with limited funding as well as resources.

Dyani believes that technology will play a pivotal role in addressing some of these challenges and that Broadband Infraco through its SA Connect initiative, will ensure that rural coverage reaches all health facilities.


Issued by: On Point Enterprises


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