15 June 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Internal Communication

In celebration of this year’s Youth Month, I am pleased to share that the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) training academy, Public Sector Accountancy and Audit Academy (PSAAA), will today host our first take a child to work initiative. 

The educational initiative is a collaborative act of volunteerism, aimed at encouraging corporates in South Africa to empower and provide guidance to school pupils on career development.

We have made every effort to adhere to government safety regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic and all Covid-19 precautions were observed. 

The launch of the 2021 SAIGA Take A Child To Work Day will take place at our offices and we will be hosting two grade 10 and 11 learners who are in the business and accounting stream. The learners come from schools in the Gauteng Province and will be put through their paces by our very own Registered Government Auditor (RGA) professionals who will cover numerous topics including accounting, finance, business and more.

Learners will engage with the RGA professionals to gather an understanding of a day in the life of an auditor in the public sector. They will also get an opportunity to engage with employees of PSAAA and SAIGA and will be featured in the video shoot initiative focusing on “public accountability”.

We’re proud to have been able to launch this initiative this year, despite the trying times we all live under. The Take A Child To Work Day initiative is an important agent for change in South Africa’s work places, promoting equality and empowerment.

This initiative will not only support the self-development of the learners, but will also aim to expose young people to careers in the public sector, where currently stats shows that there is shortage of young people working in the government sector. 

Best regards,

SAIGA: Chief Executive Officer, Russel Morena

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